Becoming You

How often have you wanted to change your life?  Have you ever wished you could just be happy?
We live in a world that has so many options, choosing how we build our identity can be a difficult process, and we can often get lost along the way as society, culture, religions, and the ideals that get passed on to us form the person we try to be.
When things go wrong, it is easy to blame the world around us and find ourselves stuck wishing things were different.  
Looking around for advice comes naturally, but the best source of guidance actually rests inside us.  
The best source of authority on who you are and what you need to do next is you!
So, how do you tap into that guidance?  Are there things you need to learn about yourself in order to follow it?
Is there a way that you can really begin to get to know yourself and trust the person you find?
What happens when you learn how to listen to your inner voice?  
Is it possible to learn from your life so far so that you can change everything you want to about it?
How do you learn about you as a beautiful, unqiue individual, even if you have lost all faith in yourself in the past?
Here at FEEL, we're all about you as a unique individual.  So, put away your mental health labels, forget about anything anybody has ever told you to be and be prepared to cast aside all thoughts of self-doubt.
It's time to become who you were born to's time to love your life journey!

The Blog 

What's your side of your story?

  Imagine you are given the lead role in a movie.

  The producer of the movie doesn't tell you the plot, or give you a script.
  You have to make the story up as you go along.  All the other characters in your movie have had exactly the same deal from the producer, and all of you can only control your part of the story...

  What's happened, so far, in your movie?

  Does your main character feel like regaining control of the storyline?

  Maybe making a few happy endings and exciting new beginnings along the way?
Life is your adventure story...

 There isn't anyone else who knows what is in your head, better than you do!
So, while it's great to listen to others for advice when seeking help, 
taking certain steps to understand how that advice makes you feel about yourself and who you are is a good idea.

There is a lot of advice out there, and in your movie, there are no dress-rehersals or re-takes.
It's a good idea to work out what kind of advice would really suit your character...and to do that, you need a few tricks of the trade, and possibly a couple of props. will you live your next chapter?

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